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Re: Lotus

Just a thought on getting plants to flower.
At home if we have a fruit tree that won't produce flowers/fruit after a few
years but only lush growth we trick it into thinking its dying by removing
all nutrients and even going so far as restricting water and damaging the
bark to stop it feeding efficiently. The theory in this practice is that you
trick the plant into thinking its dying. It then starts producing flowers
like crazy to try and reproduce to maintain the species. In nature a lot of
plants and fish will respond this way to maintain the species.
 Once the flowers appear we start watering and feeding the tree again.
  I have tried this on some bulb plants and it works. The important thing
though is to resume feeding immediately the plant flowers or it will use up
all its stored nutrients and die.
 This may explain why certain plants in neglected tanks take off and
flourish for a while but I would suggest that it will not be sustained.
"Just a thought again".
From the" Land Down Under"
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