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RE: over 20?

Regarding the amount of needle valves I have used:
>Over 20???  That would leave me to believe either you have CO2 running to 
>every aquarium, pond, puddle, and glass of water you can find, or that they 
>are somewhat deficient in quality.  I hope the latter is untrue.  

Doubtful eh?
Do you know what I do as a hobby, for school and a living/job? 

I do aquarium maintenance, planted tanks(90%), and have set up many, many
tanks. I am setting up a system for 9 -75 gallon sales tanks at a large LFS
in the SF bay area next week(finally). So there's 9 right there. I also
contract out for one time set ups and my own personal accounts, and two
LFS's here in the area. I have 5 tanks at home also. I also have helped
Public aquariums with some set ups also. I also do slide presentations-talks
as a speaker on aquatic plants/ UCSB Aquatic Biology/Botany major and have
had folks like Neil Frank, most of the SFBAAPS society, several LFS owners
over to my house to see some of my set ups and plants if you need
independent verification.............okay the creditability rant is over<g>.

I have access to any equipment and supplies I want pretty much doing the
maintenance. It lets me try out new things and systems. 4 to 6000$ dollar
tanks are not unusual. Money is not the object here, plants are. I would not
tell somebody to buy a cheap product that might make my tank set up fail. 
If you wish to pay more for your valve, that is your business. 

Politics/Business/Flames etc I really don't give a hoot about. My agenda is
simple: planted tanks. I wouldn't tell anyone to try something that I
haven't tried and felt was a good product myself first. I think you get the
picture: I ain't dat way.
Tom Barr