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heating cables/longevity/sizing recommendations

Perhaps I misunderstood George's recommendation (probably) or I have forgotten
how to do math (also a possibility). I am accumulating "stuff" for a Dupla/G.
Booth tank and I think I bought the wrong Dupla cables.   I have a 92 gallon
corner tank.  It has a radius of 35 inches.  My figure for sq footage came to
about 6.8.  With the recommendation, (20-25 watts/sq foot as I understood it)
I need about 150 watts.  I have the 150 cables (which looks to only be 50
watts)  From reading George's articles and what is in their tanks I must have
misfigured or something....

A)  Did I understand  correctly?
B) Since Daleco no longer has them and Burleson only had 200 (60 watts), any
ideas which cables fall into that range?
C) Anybody want to buy some brand new cables he, he...