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Re: Rapid or Trigger Start Ballast Wiring Question

SL wrote:

Hi -- I found this diagram at The Krib
http://www.thekrib.com/Lights/fluor-goldwasser.html  Can someone explain why
there seem to be three pins at one end of the fluorescent tube?  Are the two
pins marked "X" actually connected?  The diagram on the ballast box is even
more mysterious -- it shows one wire (apparently) connecting to the glass
body of the tube!  How do I wire this thing?  Thanks! --

I reply:

I wouldn't be looking at that diagram on the Krib unless you are positive it
applies to your ballast. It sounds like it is not the same type of ballast.
The diagram on the ballast is the one you should go by. Some ballasts only
have one wire going to the lamp. How many wires does your ballast have and
how many lamps can it light? What is the brand name and model number of the
ballast? What type of ballast is it? Is it rapid start, instant start,
programmed start, dimmable etc. Unless the ballast manufacturer has made an
amazing screwup the diagram on the ballast will be correct.