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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #395

>Now here is my question:  My tank is currently set up
>with a Magnum 350 filter with the two bio-wheels and
>I'm using DIY yeast bottles for CO2 production.  After
>reading several posts stating that the bio-wheels gas
>a lot of CO2 off, I've been thinking about removing
>them.  I am concerned about the impact on my
>biological filtration as my tank is stocked too
>heavily.  Should I try a gradual removal, by slowing
>the flow of the water to the bio-wheels, then using
>only 1 for a while, before finally removing them both?
> Or should I just rip the suckers off?
I've done some measurements on my DIY rigged tank both with and without
biowheels, and the degree to which they blow of CO2 is generally *greatly*
overestimated.  IN my tanks the biowheels make the difference between 22ppm
and 18ppm, both of which are just fine by me.  Perhhaps other people have
measured the effect and come up with different results.  I think the
original data on the effects of turbulence involved much more turbulence
than a biowheel produces.


Doug Karpa-Wilson
Department of Biology
Indiana University
Jordan Hall
1001 E. 3rd St.
Bloomington, IN 47405