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RE: needle valves

>I imagine that the subject of appropriate CO2 valves has pretty well been
>beat into the ground and I noticed that I didn't find many references in the
>archives much newer than a year ago, but I still can't help my curiosity.
>If anyone knows anything about whether this valve is just as good if not
>better than the other valves I've seen listed (Nupro, ARO, etc.), I'd
>greatly appreciate the info.
>Andrew Ritter

Monolith Marine Monster's has a great one for 19$. I have used over 20 of
them and would recommend them to all even if you use a glass disc as they
will help immensely with the flow control. ARO's are plastic
housing.........think thermal expansion of plastics compared to metal. Nupro
are good but cost more.
Tom Barr