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RE: CO2 diffuser

>hi everyone-
>Does anyone know of an inexpensive CO2 diffuser for use with a DIY setup--I'm 
>looking for a simple plastic device similar to the one I have now. It 
>attaches with suction cups; you connect the end of the line to the bottom of 
>the device, with the bubbles traveling up a series of switchbacks and 
>collecting under a hood, with the excess CO2 periodically escaping. I know I 
>could make my own diffuser or just trap CO2 under a bowl or some such object, 
>but I much prefer my plastic diffuser. The LFS (Albany Aquarium) I got it 
>from has been promising that more will come in for over a year now, but 
>nothing yet. 

 I have a nice one that can be used with yeast sources or canned CO2/with or
with out PH controllers/times etc. Look under: 


BTW: Guy from Albany Aquarium will have them also<g> (as in today). There's
one on his display tank right now also. They are idiot proof. Nippon also
has them.
I also have sump/external models but they are not available yet on the web.
These types are 100% efficient and can over do your CO2 levels though.
You'll need to test some to make sure. They also can be used with yeast set
up/Controllers/timers etc.
Okay, there's my shameless plug.
Tom Barr