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Aquarium Landscapes Needle Valve

Hello All,

I've tried searching the APD archives for information on a product I've seen
advertised, but with no luck.  Has anyone tried the CO2 needle valve sold by
Pet Warehouse? I found it in their Early Summer 2000 catalog as well as at
their online store site:
http://www.petwhse.com/webstore/webstore.nsf/(id)/1490E?OpenDocument, Item #
870052, $25.95.  I did some additional searching and found it is called an
Aquarium Landscapes Needle Valve, and is supposedly a high quality valve
used in the medical profession.  The Fish-vet site
lists it having four turns of revolution, maximum flow equal to a CV of
0.09, and a maximum pressure of 125 psi.

I imagine that the subject of appropriate CO2 valves has pretty well been
beat into the ground and I noticed that I didn't find many references in the
archives much newer than a year ago, but I still can't help my curiosity.
If anyone knows anything about whether this valve is just as good if not
better than the other valves I've seen listed (Nupro, ARO, etc.), I'd
greatly appreciate the info.

Andrew Ritter