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floating leaves on Nymphaea lotus...

My Nymphaea lotus (zenkeri) has very lush and beautiful growth, big perfect
leaves, a stunning burgundy colour.  In addition to this bottom growth, it
has just started sending up floating leaves; the second one is on its way
up.  I have read that I can cut those off, and that if I don't want floating
leaves, I should prune the roots and leaves.  I just moved this plant around
in the tank a couple of weeks ago, but didn't prune the roots or anything at
that time.

I would love to see some flowers on this plant and don't want to do anything
that would decrease that likelihood.  I don't really want too many floating
leaves, as it would cut down on the light available in the tank.  I could
just prune the floating leaves, I guess, but I imagine they would continue
to be produced.  Any advice?  This is a 50-gal tank which has been set up
for about 3 months.  I'm using high output fluorescents (110 watts).  Can I
prune the roots without disturbing (potential) flower production?