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Kent wrote:

"I only wish to remind both Roger and James that neither walk on water,
we appreciate their experience, we have problems with their attitude.
This is a hobby folks.
There are many "lurkers" out there hoping to learn, don't distance
yourselves from them."

For the LAST time....... neither Rodge nor I ever claimed to walk on water.

Nor did either of us express any real concern over the fact that this list
contains a mix of people, experienced and not so experienced. Roger spends a
LOT of his spare time answering questions from "newbies" as well as old
hands - far more than I do. But then, I have other irons in the "hobby

What started this WHOLE mess, was my suggestion/request/demand (choose which
you like) that anyone discussing experimental/anecdotal/potentially unproven
techniques, especially ones which could be dangerous in the wrong hands,
state that fact along with their posts. I got sh*t on because some people
felt I was trying to stifle discussion. Nothing could be further from the

No sooner had I posted my caution than someone posted that she had tried the
technique in question and may have done serious damage to her tank. I don't
know here experience level, but I'd venture to guess that it isn't great. My
caution was my attempt to protect people like that from mistakes. It takes a
while for a person in this hobby to know what they can and cannot do with an
aquarium. I know that but it seems that a lot of you have forgotten it. Some
of you want a free for all - post what you like, proven or not, realistic or

My suggestion to those people (again something which brought me grief) was
to go to USENET -- you can be as free as you like there.

What really kills me is that the people who have objected the loudest to
this are people who are relatively quiet or total lurkers. If this hobby is
going to expand it is going to need people like Roger Miller who are willing
to spend hours of their time answering the same questions week after week,
month after month. If you know so bloody much - step up to the bat and start
answering questions yourself.

This is NOT an "attitude" problem on Roger's part nor on mine - nobody here
gets paid to take abuse. Continue to whine, and NOBODY will answer your

If ANYONE else has a problem with this - take it off list to me personally -
jpurch at interlog_com

James Purchase