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A thank you, a request and a question

As a fairly new subscriber to this list (about 3
months), I wanted to thank everyone who has shared
their knowledge, time and effort with me through the
list.  After a year of using my aquarium as an
expensive, unsightly method of torturing and finally
killing any plant I put in there, I discovered this
list.  Since then my results have improved 10X to the
point where I've actually given plants away to
friends.  During this time I've always found this list
informative, interesting and very friendly.

Thats the thank you, here is the request: If a
response to your post offends you or seems to
disparage your abilities as an aquarist, remember that
email is a very limited method of communication.  You
may be reading things into the response the poster had
no intention of including.  And as a poster please
keep in mind that the reader can't see the grin on
your face as you type up the response.

I have seen several lists degrade to the point where
there are more flame posts than "good" posts, and I'd
hate to see this one follow that path.

Now here is my question:  My tank is currently set up
with a Magnum 350 filter with the two bio-wheels and
I'm using DIY yeast bottles for CO2 production.  After
reading several posts stating that the bio-wheels gas
a lot of CO2 off, I've been thinking about removing
them.  I am concerned about the impact on my
biological filtration as my tank is stocked too
heavily.  Should I try a gradual removal, by slowing
the flow of the water to the bio-wheels, then using
only 1 for a while, before finally removing them both?
 Or should I just rip the suckers off?



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