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Re: Heating coils revisite

> Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2000 13:42:43 -0400 (edt)
> From: "Roger S. Miller" <rgrmill at rt66_com>
> Subject: Re: d
> A substrate with a total area of 6700 square cm would provide about 1675
> square cm that water could flow through and a movement of 1 cm/hour would
> translate the discharge of 1675 cc/hour.  If the lift tubes have a total
> area of 20 square cm then the downward flow would be at a rate of 1.4
> cm/min.

Thanks to Roger, Ivo and Bob for helping correct my thoughts and detailing 
real-life experiments with flow. Unfortunately, my premise of "1 cm/hour in the 
substrate" was just a SWAG - no one that I know of still has any idea of what a 
proper substrate circulation current should be. But if these examples did 
produce viable tanks, now maybe we do!

George Booth in Ft. Collins, Colorado (booth at frii_com)