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Re:Metal Halide Lights

Rayond Wong writes:

> Can Metal Halide Lights be mounted on a 45 degree angle from the celing and 
>  produce sufficient lighting for my tank with a  depth of 25"?
>  thanks

The local hydroponics distributor wants me to spend a year's pay on lights 
that travel across the ceiling in order to imitate the sun's movement through 
the sky.  Now that's trick, huh? If you are talking about mounting them in 
front of the tank, so they strike at a 45 angle, then sure.  You actually 
may get more light to the lower regions of the tank, because a lot of the 
light will enter the water at or near the bottom.  If you want to hang them 
directly over the tank and tip them back so they aren't in your eyes, then 
probably no.  The only light that would reach the tank would be reflected off 
the wall.  Or are you thinking alons some entirely different line altogether?

Bob Dixon
Cichlid Trader List Administrator