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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #390

> The only explanation that makes sense is 12-18mts is the length
>of time it takes an "almost optimum" aquarium to build up serious
>alleopathic compounds that will inhibit plant's growth

The compounds while certainly there, are not an issue-if- regular water
changes are done except in a very few cases. If you don't change water for
months etc this may be an issue but I do not see any evidence for this
except perhaps one so far, Eichhornia diversifolia and stargrass(H
zosterfolia). Even that's not 100% certain. You can mix any plant together
as long as they have the same needs(like light & temp etc) but they don't
fight chemically in the short term.
If you can do well with the other factors like light and CO2 then you have
to consider a nutrient issue/substrate issue and management, being certain
that it is alleo-chem's is difficult for most plant keepers due to these
other factors. You need to be able to keep a good tank with all the plants
doing well before hand to make a reasonable judgment many times. Otherwise
you may blame a chemical or the wrong thing for stunted growth/observations
rather than "Opps, I ran out of CO2". A good plant tanks need all the other
factors done well first before starting in on something like this topic or
the many of the other "test".
Tom Barr