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Re: Plankton/Salt Reefs

>While not all micro and macro
>plankton animals are herbivores, a lot of them are, and their effect on
>algae growth shouldn't be discounted. I believe that Dwight made mention of
>using a sump on some oof his tanks - maybe a sump or "refugarium" as is used
>in some marine tanks could provide a place for filter feeding herbivores to
>do their bit to help keep our tanks algae free, while protecting them from
>predation by our fish.

Would this "sump or refugarium" not be our planted tank itself also (think
substrate and nooks and crannies)? What happens when they run out of food?
Can they reproduce as fast as the algae to build back up? This would only
work as good as a UV at best...........and only suspended algae/spores at
A UV would be simpler/more effective it would seem.
UV = ultraviolet sterilizer.
I think it needs to be something that comes out a attacks the algae actively
rather than adding a sump style treatments unless chemical in
nature(straw/H2O2/o3 etc.). Otherwise UV's are the best method for passing
water through and killing suspended algae/bacteria.
If you need some Daphnia for food that's another story, they will get rid of
GW too.  

Tom Barr