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Amother possible mechanism for Barley Straw

One thing that I noticed on most of the web sites I looked at researching
barley straw earlier today was the marked increase in micro and macro
plankton which was noticed in each study. While not all micro and macro
plankton animals are herbivores, a lot of them are, and their effect on
algae growth shouldn't be discounted. I believe that Dwight made mention of
using a sump on some oof his tanks - maybe a sump or "refugarium" as is used
in some marine tanks could provide a place for filter feeding herbivores to
do their bit to help keep our tanks algae free, while protecting them from
predation by our fish.

Sounds to me like we might be moving in the direction of freshwater
"mini-reefs" with a wide compliment of organisms. Of course, judging from
some posts, not everyone appreciates "bugs" in their aquariums. Amano's use
of shrimp is only one end of this spectrum (and the large end at that).

James Purchase