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RE: Pumps

> From: George Booth <booth at lvld_agilent.com>
> We now use Quiet One pumps exclusively. We have three that
> have been running
> between 5 and 10 years with no problems. They are dead
> silent, unlike other more
> popular brands of pumps, such as Iwaki. The pump is direct
> drive (I believe)
> hence may heat the water a little bit if that is a concern.

Just to add another data point....

I've been running Hydrothrusters for roughly 9 years. My oldest one is about
6 years old now, I have one going on 4. 2 others burned up in around 3 years
each, but it was mostly due to me not lubricating (and cleaning the dust out
of) them every 6 months. I tried a Quiet One, but found it was heating the
water more than I could deal with. Quiet Ones are a little quieter than
Hydrothruster QVs. I've heard Iwaki's (and that was their problem:)

The best Hydrothruster was the QVE model that I can't seem to find anymore.
0.7a draw and smaller fan blades made it run nearly silent, although the
pair on my mom's tank had a couple speeds that would put out a high pitch
whine. I still have 2 of them running on my 225 gallon.

Jon Wilson