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response to Mr. Miller

Mr. Roger Miller wrote:

"Carmen Robinette apparently didn't know that many of us do keep multiple
tanks and that several of us (including James and myself) have done or at
least tried to do controlled experiments."  then  "What I find most galling
in this little flame fest are the newbies andlurkers coming out of the
woodwork to complain about the attitude and advise of long time list
participants.  Any one who's been on this list very long knows James to be
helpful, reserved and understanding.  Also those who have been on the list
for a while know that isn't a tribute from an old ally; James and I often

I (Carmen Robinett) respond:

In fact, Mr. Miller, I do know that the anchors of the APD are more than
likely to have more than one tank. Please.  My objection was to the
attitude with which Mr. James Purchase responded to me.  You both speak as
though I'm stupid.  It was hardly my intent to be baited into a flame.  I
feel that I was capriciously and unprofessionally attacked by Mr. Purchase,
hence a response was obligatory.  Read Mr. Purchases' response to me that
he made ON LIST--not to me directly--and come to any other conclusion than
he was berating me in a public place.  This is inappropriate in any forum.

I already indicated that I do respect Mr. Purchases' views on planted
aquaria.  I have hardcopy testament to this.  But his response to me was
hardly "reserved".

I did not in the least imply that science doesn't have it's place and
should be pursued when possible.  However, to suggest that other people's
observations are insufficient to be shared with the community is
exclusivity at it's worst.  The purpose of my original posting was to
address this alone.  I hardly poo-poo'ed science.  For Christ's sake, I AM
a scientist.  However, if you and Mr. Purchase would prefer an Ivory Tower
experience, then you would do well to set up a private site that requires a
password for access.  This will keep out the riffraff.

Mr. Roger Miller wrote:

"How much weight am I supposed to give to the opinion of someone who has
never before bothered to step up and offer constructive help?  What should
I think of someone who's whole experience of a few months on the list
spans a period when fish keeping was a more prominent topic then plant
keeping?"  then  "Are the complaining newbies and
lurkers ready to stand up and offer the kind of meaty advise that Steve or
Karen or George handed out for so long?"  and  "If you aren't
willing to do it, maybe you shouldn't complain about those who do."

I respond:

As for being a "newbie", I'm here to stay, baby.  This means that 5 years
from now, I imagine that you will not brush me off like this.  My limited
two months of APD reading/participation has been focused and devoted to
learning.  I can list 10 folks off the top of my head that have made
valuable, informative postings on a periodic basis.  I have interacted with
four of you (you included, Mr. Miller) off list.  You guys are the anchors
of this site, and when you post, I often employ my printer to capture your
opinions.  You are the teachers, I am the student.  And there are many
other students out there, observing this bizarre discourse.

As for offering "constructive help", perhaps you missed my two-page effort
to describe my understanding of algae-plant competition that I posted on
the APD weeks ago in response to another newbie?  I was trying to share
what I'd learned while saving the APD big-wigs the typing effort.  I had a
disclaimer that my posting was info gleaned from reading various web sites,
and I invited the site heavy-hitters to correct and critique the response
in public.   No one did.  Does this exhonerate me from the charge of
"someone who has never before bothered to step up"?

I have also responded to several others off list, usually pointing them to
the krib for basic info, or the AHS for a lighting system--just basic
things that my limited experience can address.  Obviously, tending to this
list takes alot of time and energy for the site anchors.  I was hoping to
learn enough to someday offer better help to others and participate more in
this community that I quickly became so enamored of.

Further discussion--or anything in which you care to address me by
name--would be better sent to me off list.


Carmen C. Robinett      Berkeley, CA   (510) 642-5971