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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #389


Welcome!   Check out the links at http://Aquariumplants.cx for some lighting info.  The first site is mine and it will show one step by step way of building a hood that works super cheap.  Lots of other methods there also.


From: David Luckie <davidluckie at yahoo_com>
Subject: Novice and Small Tank

I think I've spent the last two days looking at the
archives, searching for topics of interest, and
learning an awful lot from you people.  What a great

I've become hooked on planted tanks because I brought
some hornwort and water sprite in from the garden pond
and placed them in an old 1 gallon fishbowl I swiped
from the kids' closet.  The serenity and simplicity of
a few plants, a few rocks and some water just sorta
got to me.

Anyway, I've scored a 10 gallon tank and stand from a
garage sale.  I've snagged a few pounds of Turface MVP
from my neighbor the greenskeeper.  Most of the plants
in the tank now are from the pond.  I've got some
nymphoides (water poppy), elodea (anacharis),
ceratophyllum (water sprite) and bacopa (money wort).

My lighting will be relatively low, and I've been
thinking of using a clip on desk lamp on a temporary
basis whilst I scrounge the materials for a hood.  Any
recommendations on some decent incandescent bulbs that
would hold me over for a few weeks and get some decent
growth?  How about a recommendation on some additional
plants that would do well in this kind of setting?