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Re: Booth's Heating cables & plant growth

I said:

>>>This one is directed to those who use substrate heating cables.  I've
>>>noticed a growth tendency of some planted tanks with 10-15 different
>>>species to suddenly slow down and STOP!  Usually after being in opperation
>>>for over a year.  Nurient supplimentation has a negligable effect, Bulbs
>>>still bright enough to grow glossostigma, water changes reinstituted.
>>>Always had Co2 and still does.  No algae.  But the tank will only return to
>>>a tiny fraction of its former productivity.  Assuming all of the above were
>>>done correctly; has anyone had this experience?


>>Bingo. We had an "Almost Optimum Aquarium" (everything but heating coils)
set up 
>>for a few years and experienced the same symptoms after 18 months.  Besides 
>>slower growth we also began to have algae problems (higher temperature
>>tank). Vacuuming gravel, replanting, etc would help for a short time but
>>brought it back to its original state. 

Great! So I'm NOT crazy!  Now why exactly does this occur?  I don't like
mysteries!  The only explanation that makes sense is 12-18mts is the length
of time it takes an "almost optimum" aquarium to build up serious
alleopathic compounds that will inhibit plant's growth.  What do you think?

You know, I've never noticed the heating cable dicussions before thinking
I'll never need 'em in a big way.  The tank I DO have cables on i
experienced no slow-down.  

BTW, what's your opinion on those "hot water" substrate heaters...do they
work at all ?  How does their performance compare to traditional electric
wire heating cables?

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