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Flourish Excel

I had a conversation with the plant guy at a good LFS. He told me he heard that this stuff was also good at decreasing BBA, I decided to try it in my 65 gallon tank (heavily planted, CO2, intense light (5 watt/gal), Eheim 2217, TMG Supplement, Fluorite substrate. My tank is drilled (All Glass), and the only BBA I have is in the overflow area, where the SAE and shrimp can't get to it. It only grows in the top two inches of the overflow, where the light is. 

Anyways, I started to dose Excel at the recommended levels and kept everything else constant. I noticed a < in the BBA, but along with it appeared a fine, thready white type of algae that started to grow on the highest parts of a Bolbitis covered piece of root wood. I don't know if this is related to the use of the Excel. I am satisfied with the growth of the plants but wanted to see what the Excel would/would not do. I have stopped dosing the Excel and will see what happens with the white algae. One of those scraping tools (looks like a dentist's scraper) you can buy at hardware stores does a good job taking the base of the BBA off its attachment point for manual removal. I haven't seen much of a growth increase with the plants, but I might not have dosed long enough to get any results (3-4 weeks). The new algae is not worth it to me, if the Excel contributed to its appearance.