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Goldfish and shrimp intrxns?


I had a word in my original post which caused it to be routed to the
approval person, and since I haven't yet seen my post appear, I am editing
and resending.  Apologies if you are reading this twice.  

I have two fantails (goldfish) in a 20 g tank with no plants (just plastic
ones which look terrible).  I tried having crypts in there earlier this
year, but the crypts let out some kind of metabolite which *dramatically*
induces BBA growth - there was no BBA until I introduced plants, just some
brown and green algae that would stick to the glass and was easily removed
during water changes. 

I'd like to put plants in the tank - just some low maintenance, quick
growing plants that can proliferate faster than the fish will eat them.  
However, I do have algae hangups and hate the way BBA chokes the life out
of plants; I'd like to put something in the tank that will eradicate BBA.
Specifically, I was wondering about algae eating shrimp.  

Goldfish, as you probably know, are somewhat slow and clumsy swimmers - it
is generally recommended that they not be mixed with other fish, or even
other variations of goldfish.  They are definitely nervous around other
faster swimming fish - I did try having SAE in the tank with them for a
few days, but it didn't work out.  The gfish are about 2-3 inches long -
with beautiful flowing tails exceeding their body length.

Uncle Ned (of Fish Factory fame) thinks that the shrimp will be eaten in
fairly short order by the goldfish.  

If that doesn't occur: 
Do shrimp like unheated freshwater tanks?  
Will shrimp disturb/snap at the fantails?  
Are there other goldfish-compatible algae eaters?

Thanks in advance, and apologies for being long-winded,