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Re: Flourish Excel

on 01:48 PM 7/5/00 , Nathan Wittmaier wrote:

>Since this product has been available for a few months now, I was wondering
>if anyone has used it and could comment on it. CO2 is a bit expensive for
>me, and I'm a bit shy for a DIY set up. Any comments out there?

I was supplementing my 75 gallon tank with Flourish Excel at the 
recommended dose for about a month, and recently stopped (because I ran 
out.) This tank also has pressurized CO2. I do notice a slight increase in 
oxygen bubbles from the plants while I'm using it, and possibly a decrease 
in algae.

It's a subtle effect, but it's there. I'm going to be trying it in my 15 
gal without CO2 to see if it helps fill the void... I'll post when I have 
some results.

It certainly doesn't hurt the fish or plants, and doesn't affect pH.

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