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Re: fish-load example

> <snip some details>
> >                 r/o source water
> Hmmm.  Do you reconstitute the R/O or use it directly?  If you don't
> reconstitute the water and this is your tank with the cyanobacteria
> problem then you might not need to look much further for a factor
> promoting the cyanobacteria growth.

I just got an RO system, can anyone recommend a good "reconstitution" product?  (I'm not sure of the right term for that stuff)  I've heard of a product called "RO Right"   Is it any
good?  Does it do any pH buffering?  What will it take to bring down the pH of my 8.6 pH RO water?  (yes, I know, you can't really measure the pH of RO water, and yes, my tap water comes
out at 8.6 too)

What else should a newbie like me know about running a tank with RO water?  :)