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Re: Carmen's comments on anecdotes

"Unless we're making a move to a peer-reviewed journal, can we drop all of
the anecdotal vs. scientific talk?  I only have one tank.  I therefore
cannot do any controlled study on PO4 limitation, H2O2 algae inhibition,
PMDD vs. Dupla products, blah, blah, blah.  I doubt anyone here is
contemplating doing anything approaching a scientific study when trying
something new on their tanks.  Yet I still LOVE to read about their

I agree. I think most people are intelligent enough to draw their own
conclusions from reading anyones comments, and there are enough people on
this list who are in "the know" that will quickly put anyone on the fryer
that is grossly inaccurate

This isn't MY list, and it isn't a peer review journal, but it DOES have
some REAL experts subscribed to it. Everyone is welcome, both as a lurker
and as a poster. We can ALL learn from the posts to the APD.<<

I certainly hope so

I am not (re-read my posts) trying to inhibit anecdotal reports.... I am
trying to increase sound scientific thinking and experimentation. You only
have one tank - I have over a dozen. I'm not raining on your involvement in
the hobby - don't rain on mine.<<

I have close to 20 tanks now...and I am far from an expert. The whole idea
of what defines an expert is very subjective. Last year I met with the
exhibit director of the Roger Williams Park Zoo to help them identify
aquatic plants in their display and show how they could make improvements.
Does that make me an expert? I hardly think so. I think the whole idea that
one must quantify every single statement that they make here to satisfy
those with a scientific background or interest is ridiculous. My interest in
the hobby is more of an artistic nature than a scientific one.  To me an
aquarium is a canvas waiting to be painted, but I hope that doesnt mean I
cant contribute something to discussions that I feel I may have some input
in. And I dont think giving us common folk a voice is adding more "fluff"!!

Robert Paul H