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Re: Flourish Excell

> Since this product has been available for a few months now, I was
> if anyone has used it and could comment on it. CO2 is a bit expensive for
> me, and I'm a bit shy for a DIY set up. Any comments out there?
> I hope this isn't being redundant. The last comments I saw on Flourish
> were back in April when it first became available.

Don't have any experience with the product myself; I considered it
initially, but then decided against it (although I may still experiment at
some point) because plants will not bubble with Excell.  The reason for this
is the bubbles are formed when the plant strips the carbon out of CO2.  The
O2 part is left behind, forming the nice bubbles you see on the plants.
Since the Excell is a photosynthetic intermediary used by the plant, the
plant no longer needs to break up the co2, and thus no bubbles.  I've just
stuck with my DIY Yeast CO2 which works great for my 15 gallon tank.  I
think if one was to use Excell, it would be best as a supplement to co2
(yeast or pressurized) so that the bubbling effect at least isn't completley
lost (isn't oxegenation one of the main purposes we have for growing plants,
Derek Johnson