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re: Flourish Excel

Nathan Wittmaier asks about Flourish Excel. We were using it in our two
10-gal grow-out tanks (no CO2) and it did IMO have a positive effect.
However these were recently converted to fry tanks :) We've been using it
for a couple of weeks in our 135-gal, which is 100% planted (with CO2). In
the last few days we have had a very nice improvement in some of our
plants, esp. our barclaya which has darkened nicely. *However* a few days
ago we did a major maintenance on our Eheim 2228 filter -- the flow had
slowed considerably. Now there is gentle movement through most of the tank,
which had disappeared the last few months. That's the problem when you
change more than one parameter -- you don't know who to thank (or blame).
Assuming you try Flourish-- no good reason not to- and have good results,
you will have to weigh the cost of using it vs. DIY CO2 or even a
commercial setup if you have a larger tank. I think the jury is still out
on Flourish. 

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