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Sick platy/BBA

Tim Armstrong writes:

One of my platies is sick, and i can't figure why.
For the last couple of weeks she has been very in-active, just kinda resting 
on the bottom, eating, but otherwise still, last night i saw her rubbing on 
the bottom, and on plants.


The rubbing is the sure sign of some sort of parasite.  How long have you 
had this fish?  Did you quarantine her before introducing her to your 
display tank?  Platies are real prown to the "shimies" (spelling?).  Take a 
good look at her from the side; Do you see a reflective sheen on her?  If 
so, then you know what you have.  If not, the rubbing is still a good 
indication of an external parasite.  If you have removed her to a hospital 
tank, try medicating with some Clout.  It is an excellent medication and it 
works fairly rapidly.

>My other question is concerning black (red) algae

What are your nutrient levels?  Nitrate, Phosphate etc. What is your fish 
load?  How many fish and of what size to you have in your 10 gallon?  I am 
no expert on algae, in fact I have some of my own at the moment.  I can 
however point out to you the areas you need to look at, as I have done in my 
own tanks.  If you haven't already, buy yourself a good Nitrate and 
Phosphate test kit (my choice is LaMotte, but hang on for the price tag!).  
I would assume you will find these levels quite high.

Good luck.


Michael Laflamme
spicolte at hotmail_com

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