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RE: One last statement

Peter Caroll wrote:

> I think you have totally missed the point of Carmen's statement.  Perhaps
> you should start your own group for people who are overly
> impressed by their
> own "experience"  I suggest you soak your head in one of your dozen tanks
> and provide us with some "scientific" evidence on how it has or has not
> improved your attitude!
> I for one have enjoyed the list because it allows for input from
> all sources
> and respects the reader's intelligence enough to allow them to
> come to their
> own conclusions as to the value of a post relative to their
> particular level
> of involvement in the hobby.  Please don't screw up a good thing
> with a bad
> attitude!

Let me address your second paragraph first - the mix of anecdotal
/scientific posts on the APD has never been in question. That is what draws
us all here - there is truly something for everyone. And you are correct in
saying that people should draw their own conclusions about the worth of an
individual post or recommendation.

There isn't _anything_ wrong with my attitude.

The APD has (last time I checked) around 1200 subscribers. We are a mix of
very experienced, mildly experienced and newbies. We can all learn something
from one another. My suggestion that some experimentation might help clarify
an issue is hardly deep or outlandish. You are free to decide for yourself
what advice is worth following and what you should be wary of.

To address your first paragraph.... well, I don't think your suggestion
merits much comment. I have my own opinion of your manners, and I rarely
waste much time with people who make comments such as you have.

But I stand behind my position that this is a more serious forum than the
USENET newsgroups and you are going to find people who like me, are more
impressed with facts than with fantasies. I'm not advocating or suggesting
that anecdotal discussions be stopped or adjusted. I'm only suggesting that
for some things a few properly conducted experiements (which quite a few
people here are capable of conducting) might provide the answers quicker and
more accurately than a month of back and forth musings.

If you don't like certain posts, just pass them by.... but it isn't your
place to supress discussion, either annecdotal or scientific, just because
it is not to your personal taste. If you want a flame war, go to USENET.

James Purchase