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Carmen's comments on anecdotes



"If any of this is either too intense or too indepth for your interest in
hobby, just skip over those posts. But please don't tell us to increase the
"fluff factor" just because you find it hard to follow or it doesn't match
your interest level."

I have enjoyed this list for months and have had great success with my
purely amateur 20 gal. heavily planted tank.  I feel that most of my success
can be attributed to the articles in the APD, whether they were truly
'scientific', pseudo-scientific, or anecdotal.

I think you have totally missed the point of Carmen's statement.  Perhaps
you should start your own group for people who are overly impressed by their
own "experience"  I suggest you soak your head in one of your dozen tanks
and provide us with some "scientific" evidence on how it has or has not
improved your attitude!

I for one have enjoyed the list because it allows for input from all sources
and respects the reader's intelligence enough to allow them to come to their
own conclusions as to the value of a post relative to their particular level
of involvement in the hobby.  Please don't screw up a good thing with a bad

Peter Carroll