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Metal Halide Light


A friend received a few metal halide lights... just need to plug them in and 
they work.. not in a pendant.. more like a shop light with a swival head?.. 
anyways it's a 250 watt MH and I was thinking of replacing my flourscent 
lighting over my 66 gallon tank with this metal halide light.. here's the 
problem... my tank's on a cabinet and the tank's 24" tall.. so the top of 
the tank is 5'5" .... I don't want to mount or hang the lights point 
straight down because if I sit down to look at the tank I don't really like 
to have the MH lights shine above me.. but I was thinking of say mounting 
the lights 1/2 feet in front/directly above the tank and angling (less than 
45 degrees) towards the tank surface.. would there be sufficient light for 
my plants in the back? any comments or suggestions?

Thank You
Raymond Wong

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