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Re: Tom

Please email me if you lose any plants Ashley. I will replace them for you 
free. I feel somewhat responsible and want you to be happy with your plants 
and this list. I have extra plants anyway. Hope you did a water change that 
day<g>. I hope you didn't lose any fish either.
Tom Barr

Thanks for the offer Tom.  I really appreciate your gratitude!  I won't know 
the status of my tank until I leave for home this upcomming weekend. 
However, the day after I dosed with the H2O2, only the hygro poly and E 
tenneuls looked a little distraught, but nothing major. I don't have any 
fish in my 29 gal and I didn't do a water change.

At the time, I didn't have an idea that H2O2 was a strong an oxidator as it 
really is.  In addition, I didn't know access H2O2 would harm plants, only 
algae.  My fault for not being up-to-date.  Again, thanks for the gratitute.

Best regards,

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