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Fish Euthanasia URL

Here's a link to information on euthanasia by sodium bicarbonate:
http://www.aquavetdata.com/html/euthanasia.htm   I have to say that when I
tried this method a couple of years ago it did not look like the fish was
going gently into that good night.  In fact he looked really uncomfortable,
and I'll never use the method again.

At the university I used to work at they used  to asphyxiate the rabbits
they were through tormenting by putting them in a 5-gallon container and
filling it with CO2.  It was reportedly quick and painless.  I thought
NaHCO3 in water might be sorta the same thing, but apparently it wasn't.

As grisly as it sounds, I think the sometimes-recommended method of dropping
the fish in a running garbage disposal might be the most humane one. -- SL