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Re: euthanasia by Alka-Seltzer???

>I just read an article that suggested a humane way to euthanise a fish is
><<<<<<placing the fish in a small container with water and adding an Alka
>Selzer tablet>>>>>>
>Has anyone ever heard of this and/or done this?  I assume I will at some
>time in the future, have a need to know how to euthanise a fish, and I know
>I won't be able to do it by cutting its spinal cord.

You can order MS-222, a fish anesthetic, and overdose the fish.  This seems
more humane to me.  It's available from Argent Chemicals,
http://www.argent-labs.com/ , under the name of finquel for about $10 (US)
per 5 gram bottle.  I know this is off topic, but I would personally hate to
be killed in some of the recommended ways and feel this is a service to the
fish that grace our planted tanks.