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Re: H2O2 Dosing

Ashley Sligh asked:
> Is there a rule-of-thumb for dosing H2O2 to a planted tank that has fish?  1
> tablespoon per 10 gallons daily maybe?  What about for dosing a planted tank
> without fish.  I used half a bottle of H2O2 on my tank (29 gal) yesterday
> and it seemed to adverely affect the plants.  Nothing major though.  The
> upper leaves of my hygro poly seem to be wilting, but I'm sure they will
> bounce back in a couple of days (I hope. Also, the leaves on my E. tennelus
> have all of a sudden developed whitish streaks and are pearling like mad.
> All my nutrient levels are in check.

I posted guidelines for dosing, and the consequences of over dosing
three days ago (check the archives).

You weren't very specific, so I'm going to make some assumptions. 

1) Hope this was standard 3%, drug store stuff.

2) If this was a small (16 oz.), bottle, you dumped in approximately 8
oz. If it was the large, 32 oz. bottle, forget it, everything in your
tank is dead.

3) If the tank was fishless, the maximum you'd want to use is 6 oz. (1
oz/5 gallons). Even with that, you'll kill snails, and set the plants
back quite a bit.

4) If the tank contained fish, but no Otto's, you can use 2.5 oz. (1
oz/12 gallons). If it contained Otto's, 1.5 oz (1 oz/20 gallons).

People, please don't arbitrarily dump this stuff in your tank. Hydrogen
peroxide is a very strong oxidizer, it can, and will, kill everything in
your tank if not used properly. Read! Read! Read! Check the archives.
Check the Krib. If all else fails, post a question before, not after the

Augie Eppler
Green Cove Springs, Fl