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Name that plant/Check out these snails

I have a plant, found while prospecting in the Otoné River, a tributary of 
the Edo River in Japan. Characteristics are as follows: long pale 
green/white stem with leaves that are dark green, ribbon like 2-5cm long, 
0.5cm wide with undulate edges. The stem is square in cross section and the 
single leaves alternate from the nodes. This plant was found floating in a 
reservoir with adventitious roots coming from the nodes. If someone knows 
what it is I would be most grateful for more information.

Some additional info on some snails recently found in my LFS. Tentatively 
ID'd as Clithon strigata they are a dark brown with gold bands, several 
jutting spines of a dark black give it's shell a shape similar to a Queen 
Conch. TBN, these snails have habits and manners similar to the mythical 
mystery snails of yesteryear. They don't harm plants!!!! Currently they are 
being imported from Thailand. Should a shipment come in snap them up.
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