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>>Also, one proven effective way to administer H2O2 is the Oxydator.

Yup, I think this is a safe way for certain. I don't know how much it adds
though but it shouldn't be too hard to figure out.

>Looks that way to me.  But in what significant way is either product
>significantly superior to pre-fermented Barley straw tucked into our filter

 Perhaps they are jumping on the the pond folk's bandwagon. Perhaps not. The
straw they
have for their reactor is "fermented". Perhaps side stepping the light break
down process in this manner. This would make sense. This way they can sell
you this special, certified, expensive material for removing algae in a
residual manner rather than just one big single one time purchase (they get
you for this too). If you
could get H2O2 for 59 cents at the drug store they wouldn't make much $ now
would they? That reactor is very expensive, I'd say around 150-200$ (10
years ago) at least
plus you have to buy the fermented straw (a new batch every 3 months or so
for up to a 60 gallon tank)rather than the the stuff a farmer might sell for
10$ for a huge amount. 
    The folks at Dupla's marketing are crafty.
I'm personally not to keen on Dupla but they have to make money and market
conveinance for consumers. I take care of a full Dupla set set up and have
redone 2 more Dupla set ups. I understand they need to make money and all.
But.........150$ for a CO2 reactor? I can set a full CO2 system complete for
that or less. No wonder they pulled out of the US market.
It's all about the money and getting more money. "Damn Americans will try
and do it cheaper if we tell them much". Keep the consumer in the dark and
keep them buying. What do they need to know all this mumbo science stuff
details for anyway? They just want nice planted tanks, right? Give 200$ for
the reactor and 20$ for special rotting straw every three months and Dupla
will take care of your problem. Ethics or sales? Most businesses pick sales.
Ethics cost extra.
FWIW and that ain't much,
Tom Barr