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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #381

>There is also the German made " Oxigenator" which releases small amounts of
>hydrogen peroxide in to the water.

You could use this also.

 My question is what role does light play
>with the use of hydrogen peroxide?

None in this situation. Only when using the straw, light (sunlight) is
needed to break it down into it's components of which are H202 and humic
 What would its affect be in a low light
>tank vs a brightly lit tank? (and be REAL carefull, I can attest to the
>disaster of an over dose)

At low levels(think realistically how much H2O2 a pound of straw might put
out daily over a 3 month period) say around 1 oz per day per 100 gallons or
less should be enough for most tanks.
Derek wrote:

>> Low levels of peroxide are known
>> to inhibit the growth of algae
>What kind of levels?  Instead of going through the effort of getting the
>straw, and having it react with the oxygen, and sunlight why not just go
>down to the drugstore and get some of the stuff in chemical form?  We're all
>used to dosing all sorts of stuff to the tank anyways, so just one more
>thing to measure out wouldn't be soo hard.
>Alternatively, are there any suspected ill-effects of having too-high levels
>of peroxide?

Check previous post and see above. I think overall it will be a good tool to
use to harass algae but........................
in a pearling tank with good growth, I doubt you'll need it. Good management
and being on top of it is the best way to take care of a tank. We all slack
off and that's when things can go wrong.
Adding some H2O2 when this happens to help boost the tank back up or
kill/harass a nuisance algae that appeared seems like a cheap, safe(I guess
I'll see but I think at these levels things should be fine), easy and simple
method. Hey, it's cheaper than most things! Right?
Tom Barr