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RE: Har grass

>Anyone have any tips for growing hairgrass. Mines starting to brown alot. Is 
>this stuff usually grown emersed from mail order companies. Any tips or help 
>would be great. Thanks.
>Dan P

Hi Dan,
Har grass or Har-dee- har-har grass (as George calls it!) is grown in my
tanks with the following conditions and is likely the best foreground plant
to grow IMO. I can get it as nice as Amano's.
I use Flourite. It does very, very, well
I have used RFUG's and sand and/or kitty litter. Again, as above.
It likes light and will do fine at about 3 watts or above/gallon. I have it
in a 2watts per gallon tank but growth is quite slow. A good field will need
3-5 watts/gallon. Good supply of CO2.
My GH is 9, KH 5, it can use some TMG or Sera etc. It hasn't done well in MH
lighting though. PC and FL's seem the best but the plant is not picky about
the type of color.
Please be patient above all. It will take some time to get going but once it
does it is one of the easiest to control foreground plant of all. Srimps,
SAE's and snails are good cleaners but snails alone do a great job.
You may have water that is too soft/not enough CO2/not enough light.
Tom Barr

Also grows emersed quite well.