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Dupla's Barley Straw contraption / M3

Purchase spoke some very true words:

>Dupla's English web site is at http://www.dupla.com/start_e.htm
>Go to "New Products from Dupla". You will see a photo and some advertising
>copy, but no real information. I have asked my contacts with Dupla UK for
>some further information but they are as deeply in the dark as the rest of
>us. For many German companies, it would seem that the rest of the world
>either doesn't exist, or at least doesn't much matter.

It amazes me why Europeans (and I am generalizing here) react so strongly
to "American Cultural Hegemony" as US companies experience marketing
success in Europe yet when they (European companies) have products or ideas
of great value they seem to treat our markets like "the Yanks arnt ready
for this technology yet".  I don't say this to rehash previous archived
discussions.  They probably have reasons why.   I just think in Aquaria
they are superior to us in the US and if they dont' want European culture
in general to become a bizzaro version of American culture they aught to
get more aggressive in promoting the best of their own products and ideas
in the US.  Arn't all these trade barriers coming down?

M3 Edward:

>Dupla's AlgoControl Delta (http://www.dupla.com/New_e.htm) functions like
>the BIOTROP by Dennerle
>Also, one proven effective way to administer H2O2 is the Oxydator.

Looks that way to me.  But in what significant way is either product
significantly superior to pre-fermented Barley straw tucked into our filter

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