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What are these worms in my tank???

About two months ago, something strange happened to my 75gal planted Discus
tank... 90% of the fish died (including ALL of my discus) with out warning
in under 24 hours.  When this happened I removed all the remaining fish and
placed them in bare 10gal tanks (where they have been doing fine since.)
About a week afterwards I did two consecutive 50 gal water changes and
removed about 80 percent of the plants (it had started to become overgrown.)
I left the tank half-full of water w/ no heater or pumps running and just a
small light running over one end to provide light for the crypts on that
end...  Today I decided to fill it back up and start cleaning it and
preparing it for another try.  I added 10 gallons of RO water, walked away
to let the gravel and profile, that I had stirred up, settle... when I got
back I saw something move... I looked closer to see hundreds of these little
white worms swimming through the water (most heading for the surface where
they were congregating.)  Most of them are about 1cm long (I saw at least
two of the them that were over 2cm long) and less than a .5mm in diameter..
they basically look like a huge sperm... I have NEVER seen these guys
before... The only thing that has been in this tank for the past two months
(to my knowledge) is a few plants and a bunch of MTS, but the tank had been
established for over 9months so who knows what was lurking in its depths...

Does anyone know what these guys are???  Will they be food for my fishys or
will they harm them (like I said, I don't know what caused the sudden die
off two months ago... I just know that it was immediately followed by a HUGE
smelly bacterial bloom.)  Please Help!!!

Thanks, Daniel

BTW: I can post a picture of them if need be.