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RE: AlgoControl Delta, Biotrop, Redox and Experimental Technique

Edward (m3) compared Dupla's AlgoControl Delta with Biotrop from Dennerle. I
thought about that for a few moments but I don't think so Edward. The
literature for Biotrop indicates that it is acting as a site for
denitrification, and the instructions for the use of it say that water
should be fed thru the reactor very slowly (so as not to introduce excess
levesl of O2 which would kill the bacteria living inside the Biotrop media).
This is pretty standard stuff, or at least pretty standard denitrification

Unless of course, the Biotrop media is NOT merely an inert, porous surface
for the denitrifying bacteria to colonize. If it IS inert, there are plenty
of other things which could be substituted for it at far less cost.

Given the fact I am generally one of the first to get excited about hi tech
gadgets, I find it funny that I am suspicous about this barley straw reactor
(and about the Biotrop). I'd like to see something more than advertizing
copy on either one (or both).

Regarding Redox measurements, Thomas Barr commented:

> Expensive Redox meters/ozone equipment can be had if you wish but a simple
> observational account using something like H2O2 may be enough to
> convince me
> or others that this idea may be deeper than appears.

There is a very real danger here and it relates to anecdotal evidence and
misidentified cause/effect.  Without PROPERLY conducted experimentation, you
cannot be sure that the results you observe are due to the thing you think
you are testing. If you improperly credit barley straw, peroxide, ozone,
REDOX, or any of a number of other factors with a reduction in algae growth,
without being aware of ALL of the other variables which could play a part,
you haven't learned a thing and you run the risk of sending confused newbies
off on a wild goose chase.

The answer to this sort of question requires GOOD science, not merely
observational accounts.

James Purchase