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Re: Barr, H2O2, O2, Barley Straw, Dupla & ADA

>Wet/dry filters also seem to have a good effect on the Redox levels also.
>Dupla and ADA both have devices to add an oxidizer to the tank. An IV drip
>and H2O2 seems to be the cheapest method to me. Barley straw from Dupla
>H2O2. O2 added as ADA does seems to be the safest for the fish and plants
>over all.

As I read more about this I remember an observaion I made over 2yrs ago
that green water lasted only a week in my tanks with heavy wet/dry
filtration.  I vowed to come up with a way to provide wet-dry filtration
AND Co2 while minimizing degassing.  My effort resulted in the "Easy Filter
I" http://floridadriftwood.com/settingupanewaquarium.html 

After seveal constructive comments for List Lurkers, I sought to limit Co2
and stress on the pump at least after new tank syndrome; "Easy Filter II".
If I had the time, I'd try to quantfy the anecdotal results of the benefits
of wet-dry filtration on algae control, but at least now I have a possible
explanation of WHY it works.

I have no problem with working with Barley Straw, H2O2, Wet-Dry Filtration
BUT Amano's O2 scares the heebie-jeebies out of me!  I remember that
hilarious story (I think it was Purchase) told about his exploding DIY Co2
reator and the terrified dog (good for several minutes of belly-laughter)!
And that was JUST Co2!   I don't know how or why the Legendary Amano does
it, but O2 is some nasty stuff!  Even a slightly enriched mixture.
Anything goes wrong, and you a walk across the carpet in a polyester
garment w/o fabric softener and blow yourself  "butt-over-'ed"!!!  

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