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Re: Barr, Dupla, Barley Straw

>Dupla's barely reactor lends some credit to this idea though. Perhaps they
>are jumping on the the pond folk's bandwagon. Perhaps not. The straw they
>have for their reactor is "fermented". Perhaps side stepping the light break
>down process in this manner. This would make sense. This way they can sell
>you this special, certified, expensive material for removing algae. If you
>could get H2O2 for 59 cents at the drug store they wouldn't make much $ now

If you're right, then perhaps if one already has a dosing pump you can
fiddle with good 'ole peroxide till you get the appropriate dose.  If not,
I can just get the Barly straw, leave it in a tub of water in the sun w/ an
airstone for 2weeks to do our own fermenting!  

Then, we place it in the filter we've got and we'll be all set.  We can
forget about sunlight and all that Jazz.

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