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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #377


My comments were taken out of context.  I never said that flourescents over a
tank would be unsuccessful.  I have 2 rather successful tanks with 
flourescents. If you noticed, I prefaced my statements with "in my opinion".  
I was referring to a very specific tank and the problems associated with it. 
You can't just stick a bunch of strips on it like a standard rectangular tank.
 Lighting a standard 55 is one thing, lighting the 54 corner is different. 
Due to its odd shape, lighting it is more of a challenge.  I know this because
I have a corner tank.  

I never slammed Karen Randall (the pictures of her tanks are beautiful) or
anyone else.  Nor do I understand why you think I would insult her or anyone
else.  I was simply attempting to share my experience with a very specific
tank and its limitations.   I didn't subscribe to this list to insult anyone,
just to learn.

If there are further issues about my opinions, please address them to me offline.


ps.  Pat, PC refers to the power compact flourescents.  They are flourescents
that look like they have been bent in half.  AH Supply is one company that
carries them.