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Bolbitis heteroclita

Hi Folks,

Just a quick report on this plant that I asked about some months ago. At the
time I was interested to hear peoples experience with this plant. And the
few responses I did get were pretty much in agreement that B. heteroclita
was primarily a "terrarium plant" and that as such was not entirely suitable
for submerse culture. I had plunked down my $5 already for two specimins at
"The Wet Spot" (LFS) here in Portland, so I thought that I would throw them
in the 20 long and see how they fared with a minimum of attention.

pH 6.8, kH 3, temp 78F, Flourite mixed with gravel (50/50), Moderate fish
load, 12 hour lighting cycle with a pair of 30w flo. lamps (GE "Aqua Rays"
and a GE "Chroma 50") Gomberg CO2, Heavily planted, Amquel/Flourish added at
each water change.

The two plants both started to show small plantlet growth on the leaf tips
ala Java Fern.  I then noticed new leaves coming out from the rhizome;
translucent, minature versions of the "adult" leaves. When I was
"harvesting" from this tank tonight, I found a piece of rhizome floating in
the water with two sets of leaves growing from it. The most interesting part
is that the plants have sent root s down into the flourite and are now fixed
firmly to the substrate after being initially left to float in the tank.

Anyway, I just thought you all would find this of some interest:

my $.02,