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RE:questions of CO2 and iron in the water

....I want to know homemade or simple methods to measure and to increase
the CO2
in the aquarium.....

Many people do not measure the CO2 directly, but infer it by measuring
the Kh (carbonate hardness)  and Ph.  The higher the CO2 content, the
lower the PH at a given KH.   The following equation was proposed on the
Aquatic Concepts Page;

CO2 = 3.0 * KH * 10^(7.00 - pH)

A table of CO2 content vs Ph and Kh (plus lots of other useful
information) can be found a the following site;


Best Regards
In Rosehill Texas, needing rain badly

A table of CO2 content vs Kh and Ph can be obtained in the archives or
at the following address