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Re:Ballast test

At 03:48 AM 6/30/00 -0400, Robert Paul H wrote:
>Would anyone who is technically competent, be willing to help me do a test
>study on this...documenting test results over a given period of time. I
>would send you the ballast on the condition you return it to me after a
>specified period of time. ...  No freebees!

Dave Gomberg wrote:
You mean you want someone technically competent to do a few thousand
dollars of research and BTW please return my $100 ballast?  Seems strange
to me.<<

I didnt think I wrote it to sound strange, but perhaps I did...so for Daves
benefit and others, let me explain a llittle more:
I was in an email conversation with Andy, the president of Ice Cap, asking
him questions about the FAMA article and their claims, and then we began
talking about each others WEB sites and stuff...he then out of the blue
offered to send me some ballasts to run my own tests on. I thought this
sounded like fun, and would invite other people to participate. The reason I
said I wanted the ballasts returned was because I dont know if Icecap will
want them back or not. Giving it some thought, I don't suppose thats likely.
Now maybe $300 or $400 for 3 or 4 ballasts is nothing for Mr. Gomberg, but I
was not prepared to spend that. I am not that interested in doing this!

As far as asking someone to spend the equavalent time to "thousands" of
dollars, well I dont know what you are smoking Dave, but thats not what I
had in mind. There seems to be many people in this forum who take great
pleasure in such projects, and I thought I would take advantage of this
opportunity that Icecap gave me, and anyone who wants to help. If nobody
wants to do this, thats fine too. I will hook them up myself and have a
grand old time! I dont have any commercial interest in this, I dont
currently sell any type of lighting equipment. My only other concern was
that I didnt want to simply give the ballast away and never hear from the
person again. Does this make more sense now Dave?

Robert Paul H