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little tank bugs

> Subject:	re: Parasites
> I have a 10g tank which I'm breeding some bettas in
> and I've noticed stuck to the glass there's some very tiny
> dots that are moving on the glass (the fry were eating them).
> I'm not too sure how big 1/64th of an inch is, but my "dots"
> are about .5 - 1mm in length. They look more like bits of
> dust. Sort of like when you take your glasses off (if you
> wear glasses) and you have to clean them because of the
> specs of dust on it. Except the only difference is these
> specs are definately moving. I don't know if this is the same
> thing you have in your tank.
> The only way I can see these parasites is if I take my
> glasses off (gotta get those bi-focals soon eeek). I have not
> got this on my other 2 tanks tho', only my fry tank (who are
> now about 10 days old), so the tank was only set up about
> 2 1/2 weeks ago, if that means anything.
* Jo

I've no clue as to what your little critters could be (and without a picture, I doubt anyone else does either), but I've had something similar in my breeding tanks.  Under a microscope, the best guess I could come up with was a freshwater acarid (mite).  None of the fry seemed to be bothered, and as you observed, once they got a little bigger (Cherry barbs), the fry started eating the (mites?).  Unless you are having problems with your fry and can see the critters on or in them, I don't think there is much reason to suspect that this is a pathogen or a parasite.  

Dave Gauthier