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Re: Parasites

For the first time I'm raising a batch of fry--darn leopard danios spawned
in a hospital tank with nothing in there to consume the eggs.  Anyway, I
got some "Liquifry Number 1" (Interpets) fry food.  It's a mix of
protein-rich stuff.  Squirt it in the water and not only can it be directly
consumed by the fry, but it also serves as food for the the microorganisms
in your tank.  The instructions point out that you may see small worms on
the glass, adding that these are usually planaria (flatworms) drawn out
from the substrate by the fry food.  I'm seeing alot of other white blips
darting around, too--looks like pondwater.  Basically, more food for the
fry.  At least that's my understanding.


Carmen C. Robinett      Berkeley, CA   (510) 642-5971